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What is the ACD PowerBOX?
Our PowerBOX Performance Modules was designed to improve your vehicle's performance while also providing a substantial increase in fuel economy. Our chip changes your air/fuel ratio via an engine data sensor. After our chip has been installed, your air/fuel ratio will be more efficient, increasing your vehicle's power by up to 30 horsepower/torque† and up to 30% MPG Increase*.

In an easy 5-10 minute install, you'll enjoy the amazing benefits of the PowerBOX. The PowerBOX is also completely reversible, simply unplug it, and everything goes back to normal. The PowerBOX works great on all stock or modified vehicles, increasing power, while saving fuel economy.

AutoChipsDirect provides world-class technical support to all of our customers. We utilize and provide, vehicle specific diagrams and installation manuals to aid you with installation. We will support you throughout the entire process, that's our promise. AutoChipsDirect also provides everything you need for installation, anybody can do it in only 5-10 minutes.

All of our products include a Lifetime Warranty and Money-Back Guarantee. We're confident you'll love your PowerBOX or your Money Back!*

How can it be so affordable?
The PowerBOX Performance Module alters your air/fuel ratio for a fraction of the cost of big name tuners. Most big name tuners "overload" their products with settings and adjustments you'll never use, or understand. Not to mention, big name programmers can often VOID your factory warranty by writing software to your stock ECU, or by pushing your car beyond it's safety limits. The PowerBOX is designed to "install-in-and-go" meaning, install our chip, and it'll do all the work. We do not write software to your vehicle, and our chip will NEVER exceed factory safeguards. Our chip will not void your warranty, and when you remove it, your vehicle will revert back to it's original factory specifications without a trace.

Here is an example of what our customers could save using the PowerBOX!
10,000 Miles/Year
16MPG Average
+2 MPG
+3 MPG
+4 MPG
+5 MPG
$3.00 $251.00
Savings Per Year
Savings Per Year
Savings Per Year
Savings Per Year
$5.00 $419.00
Savings Per Year
Savings Per Year
Savings Per Year
Savings Per Year Improve Performance and Fuel Economy

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