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ACD increases horsepower!

How can ACD help your vehicle increase it's horsepower?

Did you know all tunes are based off same thing? Yep, that's right, whether you have a professional come out and develop a custom tune, or you buy directly from us, either way, it's always based of the same thing; your vehicle's air/fuel ratio.

ACD Modules not only remap your vehicle's air/fuel ratio to provide an increase in MPG, but our modules also enhance your vehicle's power performance! You might be asking yourself, how is this possible? Well, first, many have achieved this, it's very possible. The ACD module works in-conjunction with an OEM sensor. This sensor is responsible for communicating with your vehicles ECU. Our module uses this sensor to send an update air/fuel ratio sensor. Because this sensor surveys the way you drive, we're able to effectively create a module that not only saves gas, but also adds horsepower!