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Additional Information

What is the PowerBOX?
The ACD PowerBOX is designed to SAFELY retune your vehicle's air/fuel ratio for more power and more gas mileage. After installation, your vehicle will run at an “optimized” air/fuel ratio, allowing it to run smoother and more efficiently. Our chips also increase your vehicle’s torque throughout the entire RPM range. We guarantee our products to increase your fuel mileage and power output or your money back. Our chips have been time tested by tens of thousands of customers around the world, and have proven to be the ultimate solution in aftermarket tuning performance. The PowerBOX can be seen around the world, used in thousands of cars, totaling millions of miles. Real Performance – PowerBOX.
How easy is installation?
By select your Year and Engine Size, we're able to provide factory specific installation manuals for your specific vehicle application. The PowerBOX is perhaps one of the easiest performance products to install on your vehicle. In a matter of minutes you can successfully install our product. The PowerBOX installs to an engine data sensor, located in your engine bay. It’s easily accessible simply by “popping your hood”. All of our products come with custom build instructions for your vehicle (using manufacturer), world-class support by our trained technicians, and all parts necessary to install. After installation our module will retune your vehicles air/fuel ratio automatically – it’s really that simple!
Is your product compatible with aftermarket parts?
Absolutely! In fact, our module works even better with upgraded intake and exhaust systems. Because our chip works in conjunction with your vehicle’s air/fuel sensor, it’s 100% compatible with most aftermarket performance products. Vehicles equipped with aftermarket high-flow intake systems and high-flow exhaust systems can expect gains of 35-55hp using our performance chip. If your product has an aftermarket turbo, supercharger, or nitrous, we DO NOT recommend installing our performance product. Even though it may be compatible, advanced modifications such as forced induction are extremely sensitive air/fuel tunes. Furthermore, if your vehicle is equipped with an OEM turbo or supercharger our module is 100% safe and effective.
Is my vehicle's warranty effected? Is it safe for my engine?
Our chips are 100% safe and effective on all the engines we sell for. We have never seen a customer’s engine damage as a result of our chip. There are currently tens of thousands of PowerBOXs around the world with millions of miles and not a single claim of damage. It's safe, plain and simple.

Warranty Information
Our module will never void your factory warranty - period. Our module does not write permanent software to your vehicle, it simples alters the air/fuel trim "on-the-fly" while your vehicle is on. As soon as our module is removed, your vehicle goes back to OEM specifications. Additionally, there is a federal consumer protection law the “Magnuson–Moss Warranty Act “ that allows you, the consumer, to install aftermarket parts without the worry of voiding your warranty. It is, however, recommended that you remove ANY aftermarket parts prior to service if you’re under warranty. This is a common practice done by many enthusiasts to ensure “no drama” at the dealership.
About the PowerBOX Performance Module:
Our Acura CL PowerBOX Performance Module Performance Chip utilizes the latest in performance technologiy. PowerBOX Chips send a unique modified signal through an engine data sensor. This signal causes your factory Engine Control Module to reprogram itself for a more efficient air/fuel ratio and timing curve. By doing so, we're able to safely unlock up to +30 Horsepower and up to +8 MPG in your vehicle!
Our modules never bypass, deactive, or exceed factory limitations. That being said, this is perhaps one of the safest upgrades you can do to your vehicle!

What should I expect after installation?
  • Up to +30 Horsepower
  • Up to +35 Ft.Lbs of Torque
  • Up to +8 MPG Fuel Savings
  • Feel the Horsepower & Torque across the entire rpm range
  • Improve your Towing Ability
  • Improve your Climbing and Passing Ability
  • Crisper Throttle Response
  • Better Fuel Economy
  • Help Smooth Out Your Rough Idle
  • Faster Off-The-Line Acceleration
  • Street Legal Worldwide
  • Saves MONEY Every Time You Fill Up Your Tank
  • Lifetime Replacement Warranty
  • 100% Money-Back Guarantee!*

Instantly add up to 30HP/TQ and up to 30% extra miles per gallon. The ACD PowerBOX Performance Module is our latest and greatest, easy to install, performance chip. 

How the ACD Performance Module works:

The ACD Performance Module sends a modified signal through an engine data sensor, causing your factory Engine Control Module to reprogram itself for a more efficient air/fuel ratio and timing curve, essentially unlocking up to +30 Horsepower and up to +8 MPG in your vehicle!

Real Customers using ACD daily on their cars:
With thousands of ACD Performance Modules sold, and used daily, there is a reason why it's a fact that most consumers choose to purchase from us: Our products have been time tested over several years and proven by thousands of customers - the results simply speak for themselves!

Our Satisfaction Guarantee:
We proudly stand behind all of our products with our 100% Money-Back Guarantee and we're so confident that you'll love our ACD Performance Module that if you're not happy with our product for ANY reason at all, just send it back, and we will send you a full refund this is a true risk-free purchase - there is absolutely no catch!

Forget the competition:
Surely you have heard of several "big name" power programmers costing several hundred dollars, but did you know that you can essentially get the same effects without the $300.00 price tag?

The way that a "big name" power programmer works is by adjusting and rewriting your factory Engine Control Module directly - the main downside of this method (besides the extremely expensive price tag!) is that it has to completely rewrite your factory Engine Control Module, which is the brain of your vehicle! Since these type of power programmers rewrite the entire Engine Control Module, you will always carry the considerable risk that the Engine Control Module will become corrupt if there are any power interruptions or errors while the power programmer is downloading its new tune! If this happens, your vehicle would not start and require a tow to have the Engine Control Module 'reflashed' (rewritten with the factory tune).

The second downside of a "big name" power programmer is that since it's completely rewriting your factory Engine Control Module directly, it will leave several footprints and traces behind in the memory. Did you know that many dealerships check for these footprints during normal servicing, and could VOID your factory warranty since the factory Engine Control Module is being directly rewritten?

ACD is the SAFEST way to gain real power:
On the flip side, the ACD Performance Modules carry absolutely NONE of those risks since our products do not directly access or rewrite your factory Engine Control Module! The true advantage of our products is how they operate, in the sense of both safety and efficiency. When our product sends a modified signal through an engine data sensor, your factory Engine Control Module intercepts this and reprograms itself for a more efficient air/fuel ratio and timing curve, essentially unlocking up to +30 Horsepower and up to +3-8 MPG in your vehicle! Since our product is merely causing your factory Engine Control Module to reprogram itself, our products are truly one of the safest Performance Modules that you can install!

In addition, if you ever wish to go back to your factory settings, then you can simply uninstall the ACD Performance Module and your factory Engine Control Module will then instantly reprogram itself back into the factory specifications. Since our product does not need to access your factory Engine Control Module directly, it will leave absolutely NO permanent effects, footprints or traces behind in the memory for your dealership to detect!

With thousands of ACD Performance Modules sold, now's the time to experience it yourself and unleash the hidden horsepower and fuel mileage in your vehicle today! Since your purchase will be proudly backed by our 100% Money-Back Guarantee, why wait? Simple to buy - simple to install - start saving money tomorrow!

ACD Modules pay you back every time you hit the pump!

Does this module really save me money? How does it "Pay Me Back?"
You may not think that you would save much if you gained "only" up to 2-5 MPG.

See the chart below to estimate your savings!

To put it into perspective, let's look at what savings a $69.95 Performance Module could give you:

Wow! That's a LOT of money that can be saved by a $69.95 Performance Module!
Now, let's look at what we'd save over a 5 Year Period:

The possibilities are endless! If you drive just 15,000 miles per year, currently get
12 MPG and pay $5.00 per gallon, you could potentially save $9,190.00 over a
5 Year Period if you gained just 5 MPG!


Q. Is your product compatible with my aftermarket Cold Air Intake?

A. Yes, ACD Performance modules are fully compatible with all aftermarket intake systems.

Q. I currently have a Power Programmer or Handheld Tuner installed. Will it still work?

A. Yes, the ACD Performance Modules are fully stackable and compatible with other Power Programmers and Handheld Tuners!

Q. My engine is Supercharged or Turbocharged. Will it still work?

A. Yes, the ACD Performance Modules are usually fully compatible with Supercharged or Turbocharged engines! Please e-mail us to verify compatibility.

Q. I have an Automatic or Manual Transmission. Will it still work?

A. Yes, the ACD Performance Modules are fully compatible on both an automatic and manual transmission!

Q. Will the Performance Module void my warranty?

A. Absolutely not! Our product will not void your vehicles warranty. In fact, you are protected by law under the Magnuson-Moss Warranty Act! The vehicle manufacturer cannot simply void your entire vehicles warranty due to aftermarket accessories!

Q. I have a 2WD or 4WD vehicle. Will it work on both drivetrains?

A: Yes, the PowerBOX Performance Module would be fully cross-compatible with both a 2WD and 4WD drivetrain!

Q. Will the Performance Module damage my vehicles engine?

A. Absolutely Not! Since our Performance Module merely sends a continuous signal to the ECM, it simply triggers the Factory Engine Control Module to adjust itself for a more optimum fuel mixture and timing curve, which means that you're fully protected by the built-in safeguards in your Factory Engine Control Module! These Performance Modules have been time tested and will absolutely not affect your vehicles engine or electrical system in any way!

Q. What is your Return Policy? Is there a Warranty Included?

A. Of course! All ACD Performance Modules come with a LIFETIME WARRANTY, so that means if you're not happy with our Performance Module for ANY reason at all, then simply send it back and we'll send you a Replacement! We will cover Return Shipping Costs (for replacements only)! We are the ONLY company on online who covers shipping BOTH WAYS!

Q. Is it hard to install? Can I install it myself?

A. The Performance Modules are very easy to install! If you have absolutely zero mechanical experience, we guarantee that you will be able to install our product! With our 5 Star Installation Guide containing full color Step-By-Step Pictures, you'll be able to complete the installation by yourself in no more than 5-10 minutes! With our Award Winning 5 Star Technical Staff, you can be rest assured that we'll be here for you if you need any help or have any questions with installation!
AutoChipsDirect.com builds each performance module to order.
Please allow 24-48 hours to build your module after purchase.

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