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Why choose ACD?

This is perhaps the most important question any company has to answer.... Why choose AutoChipsDirect.com?

Fortunately for us, this is an easy question to answer!

Key reasons you should choose AutoChipsDirect.com :

  1. We provide free installation support - seriously, either over the phone or via email. Hardly any companies (especially car companies) offer this level of customer service!

  2. We build our modules in the U.S.A, using parts purchased in the U.S.A. Support the U.S. Economy!

  3. We ship for free, and we provide free lifetime replacements - we don't "nickel & dime you" like other sellers.

  4. We're friendly, educated, and quick to respond to all customer service inquiries.

  5. We provide a quality product, and each item is made to order - this ensures an extremely low defective rate!

  6. And a ton more reasons - if you'd like to hear them, just call us at 678-803-0176