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Fuel Savings with PowerBOX

The following charts are actual tests results that were run on a 2003 Mercedes G500 SUV using the PowerBOX Performance Chip. AutoChipsDirect, using OCTech's OBDWiz software, did the following test. With this software, we're able to directly connect to the vehicle's ECU and monitor virtually ever sensor in real-time.

Important: The following test was conducted with/by AutoChipsDirect staff - we remained active during the entire test to ensure it was performed safely and accurately.

Summary of Results: As you can see on the chart below, the ACD PowerBOX helps you save a substantial amount of fuel. During our test, we drove the vehicle for 1 hour on Insterstate I-75 from Sarasota, FL to Northport (south). During our trip we stopped several times to use the restroom, and for snacks. We posted videos of our journey below. We used cruise control whenever it was safe. Our vehicle ended it's journey with 16.3MPG! That's a 3.1MPG improvement over the previous 13.1MPG. FuelEconomy.Gov has a 2003 Mercedes G500 listed at 13MPG hwy and 11MPG city (click here to see their page on the G500)! The results speak for themselves! The ACD PowerBOX is truly an amazing product for your vehicle.

The Blue line is the fuel trim BEFORE the ACD PowerBOX was installed. Fuel Trim was averaging +2.85%

The Red line is the fuel trim AFTER the ACD PowerBOX was installed. Fuel Trim was averaging -0.90%

The PowerBOX 100% safe for your vehicle and also extremely effective in saving fuel and increasing power.  

What we used:

  1. 2003 Mercedes G500
  2. OCTec OBDWiz OBD2 Diagnostic software w/ hardware
  3. Our PowerBOX performance chip coupled with an on/off* switch 

*on/off switches are not included in our retail product, we only included it for real-time testing of the before and after results.

Test prep and conditions:

  • Vehicle started and ran at idle for 30 minutes prior
  • Vehicle running 91 octane as recommended by manufacturer
  • Test conducted in 74 degree F weather | Precipitation: 10% | Humidity: 80% | Wind: 0 MPH