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Already saving 2.5MPG on my Dodge Ram 6.7L 2011, can't wait to see it on my 5.9L Diesel.
Customer, Order Number 103481
I'm saving 2 miles per gallon on my 2008 Dodge Ram 6.7L! Great chip, great company.
Customer, Order Number 92293
My 2006 Chevy Equinox is running great. I went on a roadtrip and saved an additional 5-6 MPG. Support was great, and I love that I was featured on the homepage of the site!!!
Satisfied Customer, Florida
autochipsdirect.com has the safest power programmer on the market. I used it on my 2002 chevy malibu and I got satisfying results went from 29 mpg to 36mpg 170 hp to 225hp 190tq to 200tq
Testimonial found online
All I have to say is WOW - I installed the chip on my car, took it to virginia and gaines 6 miles per gallon. ACD personally reached out to me because I told them I was going on a road trip, i told them my results, and they posted them to the site. I feel famous now! haha
Hardy, Florida
2007 PT Cruiser..I had a little trouble putting this on my engine, but with your help I finally got all the parts needed and put it on. This has been very good for my PT not only did I get more power when I pushed on the gas but I am using much less gasoline. I live in Hawaii and do not travel a whole lot, just little trips here and there; before this I was averaging about 10 gallons per fill-up. Now, not only does my car run better with more power, but I am averaging 5-6 gallons of gasoline per fill-up. Thank a lot for having such a great product which was easy to install with your help.
Too cool! My tires are screeching when I push on the gas at startup. Haven't really checked my MPG, more interested in the power, but booooooy it's good. Now I have to deal with explaining why I need new tires!
All I have to say is WOW, seriously, WOW. I'm happy to have bought from these guys. They are small, but they pay attention to every order! They shipped my chip promptly, and I recieved it within 3 days! I was assited with installation through their ticket system, and after installation, AWESOME!! I'm saving an extra 3 mpg on my Xterra, and I'm still diving just as hard as I was before. Thanks so much!
Craig, Ohio
When I first received the chip, I was lost. I didn't know how to install it, as I've never done things like this on my car before! I called ACD and spoke to Dave, I think?, and he was very helpful. He actually asked me to walk outside to the car, told me where to look, and what wires to connect the chip to! I wasn't expecting this kind of service, as my son had bought from another company who told him to "take it to the dealership". I'm glad I bought from ACD, my truck is running great, and I'd like to that Dave for assisting!
Joey, New York
Wow! What a difference! My Mercury has better gas mileage! The customer support was very good as well, they assisted with installation for free, which is something other people do-not-do, period. Hands down, AutoChipsDirect.com has been very helpful, and the product is incredible.
Steven, Gainesville
Just wanted to say thanks to Danny for all the help and support. He was very knowledgable, and very supportive of my concerns. I cannot explain how good it is to have bought from a car company that actually supports installation! I will be buying more!
Mike C, Georgia
My car is running better, and stronger than before. The chip was easy to install, and works great. My Civic is quicker! Thanks, Jose
Jose, Texas
I have no questions, but I do have to say, CRAZY!! I can hardly believe the amount of increased power and the fuel is not be gulped down like a greedy drunk... I mean, I can tell the difference in fuel consumption already! I am very excited with this product, and will tell all of my nascar buddies. Thanks for making my day. My car is more powerful and it burns less gas...
Mike H
I got it....! Thanks! I feel the power.....Good stuff my boy… my car runs like a ''CHAMP.'' I’M HAPPY THAT I GOT THIS CHIP WITH ACD…GOOD JOB GUYS!
Jimmy R
The chip really made a difference in my cars behavior and tone. It took me from not wanting anything to do with my car, to truly loving it all over again. thanks ACD
Andre S.
Good work, great product, fast service. A++ my car runs faster and stronger. I'm not really one for testiminials, but since you asked for it, here it is! Product is great, was easy to install, and I'm loving every day of it!